Meet Our Awesome Guides

Joe Moloney

Guide and Instructor

I have been fly fishing for 50+ years. Spending my adult life in the military offered me the opportunity to see the world, and frequently I was able to fish along the way. My diverse fishing background and continuous quest for adventure have given me a unique perspective on teaching others the art and skills associated with my favorite pastime.

Over the years I have fished nearly every type of water from arctic rivers, desert lakes, high mountain creeks, pelagic currents, wrecks and reefs, to ocean flats. Growing up in Boise, I had the privilege of learning the Boise River from an early age, often riding my bike to practice my fly casting and exploring new spots, after school.

I have been married for over 30 years to my best friend Nancy. We have a grown daughter who lives in Boise, who loves to fly fish as well. When not fishing, I can often be found chasing birds with my yellow lab, Brodie.

Matt Housel

Owner, Guide, and Instructor

I have called the Boise area home for over 30 years and spent a good part of that time chasing fish with a fly all over the Southern Idaho, Eastern Oregon and Northern Nevada. Yet, I always seem to come back to the jewel that runs through the city of trees, a river that I love.

If you are testing the waters of the fly fishing world and want to see what it offers, whether that be understanding the gear, fly selection or reading water, contact me I am here to help.

Steve Sandusky

Head Guide and Instructor

Meet Steve Sandusky, the newest addition to the Vice Outdoors family and a recent graduate of Sweetwater Guide School. Introduced to fly fishing by his father Bryan over a decade ago, Steve discovered that this captivating sport became a powerful remedy for his anxiety and depression.

From the very first cast, Steve knew that he had found something truly special, and he felt an overwhelming desire to share this amazing experience with others. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sitting by a serene river, witnessing the water come alive before your eyes and being enveloped by the soothing sounds of nature. For Steve, fly fishing is the ultimate form of medicine.

Having a background as a former wildland firefighter, Steve places the utmost importance on the safety of his clients. He understands the significance of providing a secure and enjoyable environment for everyone he guides. With a fervent passion for fly fishing, Steve eagerly imparts his knowledge to anyone eager to learn and discover the wonders of this sport. His dedication lies in ensuring that others can also find solace and joy in the art of fly fishing.

Jose Karry

Guide and Instructor

My name is Jose Karry and I am the head guide for Vice Outdoors. I have been fly fishing for nearly 8 years. In that time I have fished all over western United States and have extensive knowledge of the Treasure Valley and it’s fisheries. I am a teacher when I am not guiding so education is near and dear to my heart. As a teacher I bring an ability to make any time on the water educational and custom fit to each client. Whatever you want to learn we can find a way to do It.

I specialize in nymphing and streamers but am capable of teaching any other style. My goal for you is that when you finish a day fishing with Vice Outdoors you feel confident that you can catch fish on your own.

Chris Preston

Guide and Instructor

I was born on the East Coast into a fly fishing family. My dad, my granddad, and most of my uncles were all fly fisherman and bird hunters. I started tying flies when I was in was very young. I was lucky that I had a little creek near my house and I was catching bluegills and small trout as a young kid.

Spending so much time on Cape Cod, and moving there when I was 17, allowed me to fish salt water. New Year’s Day 1970 I moved to New Mexico to finish my education. I got to fish the San Juan in May of 1970 when it was still filling. There were no people there then and the fishing was crazy good.

I will fish for anything. I’ve been very lucky and I’ve traveled to South America to fish for trout and jungle species. I love fishing for warm water species like smallmouth bass, carp, Crappie, bluegills. I just like it all.

I have fished for bonefish and saltwater species in Mexico, the Bahamas, Christmas Island, Cape Cod and Florida. Fishing in Slovenia for Trout is one of the best trips I’ve ever made. What I like about Fly fishing is that if you’re open minded you can continue to learn your whole life. The book on how to fly fish is still being written.

Daniel Ritz

Spey & two Handed Rod Casting Instructor

Placing a fully laid out cast and engaging a wild fish – be it a summer steelhead on a Columbia River tributary, winter steelhead in the rainforest, a salmon on the coast or an eager trout in your local stream – through a pulsing two-hand rod is the stuff of dreams and an experience every angler should enjoy at least once.

Simply put, Daniel has an obsession with steelhead, salmon, the swung fly and the functional art of spey casting. In addition to his personal time on the water and managing his writing ( Jack’s Experience Trading ), Daniel is the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the Idaho Wildlife Federation, the Conservation Editor for Swing the Fly and lends a hand curating the spey program at ANGLERS Fly Shop. He firmly believes conservation is not an accessory but an essential part of the experience of the modern spey angler. Because of that, Daniel will be donating 10-percent of all casting lesson proceeds to the wild fish advocacy group of the client’s choice.

Interested in preparing for an upcoming trip requiring new equipment? Looking to add a new tool to your fly fishing repertoire? Not even entirely sure what a two-hand rod and spey casting really is? Let’s visit.

Tyson Beggs

Guide & Instructor

I have a passion for fly fishing and education! I have been fishing my entire life, but over the last 6 years, I made the transition to fly fishing and have not looked back. My love and passion in fly fishing is dry fly fishing, being able to target the fish I want on the top of the water, there is nothing like it. But I have learned that you also have to be willing to fish in many different ways, so being diversified is a key to success.

I am a math teacher by trade and teaching people is something I love to do. Whether it is teaching you how to set up your fly rod on the first trip, about the life cycle of the flies we fish, or how to read a river, education is a very important part of what I do! Personally, I love the challenge of figuring out a stubborn fish that won’t take my fly; it is a chess match, and I always want to win. I will travel all over the west chasing big trout, but we are fortunate enough to have huge trout right in our backyard on the Boise River.

If you want a day full of learning and a day full of fun, I would love nothing more than to guide you on a trip you will never forget!

Colt & Martha Modawell


Hey! Our names are Colt and Martha Modawell. We have lived in Boise for 8 years and developed a huge passion for fly fishing.
Martha loves every opportunity to throw a dry fly and is very skilled at tight line nymphing. As a practicing yoga instructor, she has a special passion for education and loves to bring new people to the river and help land their first trout.
Colt enjoys all aspects of fly fishing but is especially skilled at tight-line nymphing. He enjoys tying flies, whether it’s small pheasant tails or large articulated streamers.
Together we are excited to share our love and passion for fly fishing, to anglers of all skill levels.